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27th April 17

Welcome to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School




Ofsted Short Inspection Report Feb. 2017

Forest School Grand Opening

School Holidays 2017 2018

RE Monitoring Visit 07.06.16


Here at St. Joseph’s, we are very proud of the nurturing environment that we promote.

We believe that every child should be encouraged to achieve their potential in a variety of areas of school life, albeit academic, sport, music, computing, art or developing their sense of responsibility; hence our Mission Statement ‘Living Life to the Full.’

Our RE monitoring visit (June 2016 – Archdiocese of Liverpool), which deemed us still as ‘an outstanding Catholic school’ commented on:

The radiant happiness of all in the school;
The awe-inspiring learning environment;
The philosophy that encourages acceptance of difference;
The Debate Club to encourage democracy;
The wide variety of extra-curricular activities to encourage all to live life to the full in accordance with the Mission Statement.

Our recent OFSTED visit (February 2017) stated that:

Parents and pupils feel that the school is a safe place to be;
Pupils’ behaviour around the school and in lessons is exemplary. Their impeccable conduct in lessons ensures that pupils are on task and engaged;
The teaching of phonics is strong;
Pupils enjoy blogging to share their ideas for writing;
Leaders are determined to provide the highest quality of education and,through their knowledge of each pupil, recognise when further support is required to help pupils achieve well;
The learning environment is purposeful, calm and respectful;
There is a welcoming and warm feeling to the school with strong relationships between staff and pupils;

Introduction of the Little Joey’s pre-school has been well received by parents. Numbers on roll show that this has met an identified need in the local community;

Careful and meticulous planning across the early years is allowing the school to ensure that future pupils joining the school have appropriate pre-school experiences.

Pupils have a strong sense of common values across different societies. They embrace new experiences which broaden their understanding: carol singing at Don Orione, links with New Hope Orphanage, Kenya.
Pupils raise money for both national and international charities. In recent times, ‘The Big Share for CAFOD’ has been a focus of a School Council coffee morning. ‘The Good Shepherd Service’ and ‘The Advent Service’ both in aid of Nugent Care; has also received support from school.
Our Y6 children visit London in the Autumn term, taking a tour of the Houses of Parliament. This supports work done in school on democracy, freedom of speech, the rule of law and mutual respect..


Mrs. Baxendale


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